Abundant forests and land management

JDI owns over 1.3 million hectares of forest land and manages over 1 million hectares of New Brunswick provincial Crown land.  Each year we grow more wood than we harvest and we harvest less than 2 per cent of forest lands annually.  Key to sustainability is  ensuring we use 100 percent of the tree harvested, leaving  nothing to waste - from lumber, chips, bark to sawdust and shavings.

Every five years we plan for the next 80 years. Revising the plan every five years allows for the incorporation of new knowledge, changing climate, and shifting public values to be added to create a flexible and adaptable long-term plan.


Biodiversity and conservation

Across the working forest, we use best practices to protect water, avoid soil disturbance, protect rare plants and special habitats such as bear dens, vernal pools, stick nests, etc. We set aside 23 per cent of the lands we own or manage for the primary purpose of conservation.  We continue to collaborate with university partners to undertake important research on water quality,  whitetailed deer, moose, song birds, beetles, bryophytes,  trout and  Atlantic Salmon.

Emissions and energy

•  We have established a sustainability framework to evaluate the company’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of our operations.

• We have reduced GHG emissions by 54 per cent the in Pulp & Paper Division since 2005, exceeding Paris Climate accord targets.

•  Irving Tissue invested $60 million in cogeneration to reduce GHG emissions in the Toronto, Ontario mill.

Water management

•  Water consumption across forest products was reduced by  3 per cent. Irving Tissue has reduced total water usage by 11.3 per cent over the last four years.

•  Irving Pulp and Paper is developing plans to invest approximately $80 million in new state-of-the-art effluent treatment facility.

•  Forest products operations diverted 57 per cent of their waste from landfills for beneficial use.

•  Irving Tissue has reduced manufacturing waste by 8.1 per cent over the last four years


Building safer workplaces

We are proud that the number of recordable incidents per 200,000/total hours worked continued to decline.

Our focus is on keeping our employees and communities safe from COVID-19 by exceeding public health requirements. We developed many best practices around sanitization, health screening and using technology to keep our workplaces healthy and safe.

Valuing diversity and inclusion

We are proud to be sponsoring “New Boots,” a program that offers career opportunities for women interested in the skilled trades and encouraging women to pursue an unconventional career path. Since 2017, we have sponsored the immigration of over 220 new employees from 25 different countries.




Regulatory compliance | Data privacy

We established an ESG steering committee comprised of senior corporate leaders as well as operating executives from each of the forest value chain businesses.

•  We require every employee to comply and sign off on governance policies including a business code of conduct, a health and safety policy and an IT policy

•  We are implementing strong practices around protecting the integrity, security and privacy of data across the organization, ensures we keep our operations running smoothly.

•  We are proud to achieve 100% compliance on our annual IT awareness assessment.