Forests in the regions where we operate take between 40 and 80 years to grow, so when we harvest and process a tree, we have a responsibility to maximize its value. We do this by using every part of the tree to its highest value – leaving minimal waste. This starts in the woods where harvesting machines use satellite-enabled technology to cut wood with millimeter precision. Our manufacturing facilities then use the latest scanning and imaging technology to maximize the yield of every single log. With advancing technologies like these, we continually strive to add value to all byproducts produced by our manufacturing operations, seeking new markets and product development lines.

Grand River Pellets is adding value by turning low value products such as sawdust and shavings from our sawmills into low carbon energy for international customers. We even sell ash from our biomass boilers to local farmers as a soil additive.

“It takes 40 years to grow a tree and 40 seconds to process it. We have a responsibility to do it right”

Lynn Arpin, Process Improvement, Sawmills Division.