JDI has a long-standing philosophy to exceed quality standards for quality and performance. When your business is based on a sustainable natural resource, it is the socially and environmentally responsible way forward. This unwavering core value helps us find a better way, every day.



On the lands we own and manage, we are committed to transparency and accountability when it comes to our management practices. As early adopters of third-party certification, we have held a Sustainable Forestry Initiative® certificate since 2003. We take our responsible management seriously. We achieve environmental certification by ensuring 100 per cent of our operations are annually and independently audited according to ISO 14001 environmental standards and certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) forest certification.

In Maine, 100 per cent of our woodlands are also certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®C041515) program. Learn more about these certifications through the links in the margin.

Our Supply Chain works with international leaders in third party certification and assurance. Third-party audits are carried out by New Brunswick’s Department of Energy and Resource Development (DNRED), the Maine Forest Service, KPMG and SCS Global Services. These third-party audits are key to our continued improvement and our efforts toward being accountable forest land managers. We prioritize regulatory requirements and go above and beyond to ensure we have an effective sustainable forest management strategy.