The Materiality Assessment identified five priority topics as most significant or having “double materiality” as both external and internal stakeholders attributed the highest level of importance to these ESG topics.

  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Ethics, Integrity & Values
  • Safety
  • Air & Water Quality Management
  • Forest Conservation and Biodiversity

JDI will continue to monitor all 18 topics. To align to TCFD, this Report will include the topics of Climate Change & Adaptation and GHG Emissions & Energy Use. We will also share highlights from the year across the range of ESG topics and report additional information in the Data Tables section of this report.



Nanos conducted interviews of 160 internal and external stakeholders of J.D. Irving, Limited between March 23rd and May 2nd, 2022. 68 of the interviews were conducted through in-depth video call interviews and 92 were conducted through an online survey. In total, 99 external stakeholders and 61 internal stakeholders participated in the research, with an estimated response rate of 55 per cent. Participants were recruited using a list provided by J.D. Irving, Limited. Interviews were conducted in English and French.



“I hope that it’s not just a fad that is being done because other companies are doing it, so let’s keep being socially responsible, I know you want to be socially responsible so I just suggest we keep going”


For both internal and external stakeholders, Sustainable Forest Management (9.4, each), Safety (9.4 and 8.9, respectively), Ethics, Integrity & Values (9.3, each), Air & Water Quality Management (9.1 and 8.9, respectively) and Forest Conservation & Biodiversity (8.9, each) are the most important ESG topics as it relates to the JDI Forest Supply Chain.